Ways to Help at the Sale & Earn More Money


If you want to maximize your earnings and shop BEFORE we open to the public, 

we invite you to join the JBF Team!

Team Member

​​Team Member Registration opens (Thursday) February 1st, 2024.

​Team Members contribute directly to the sale of their items. Shifts include tasks like inspection, organizing, and breakdown will be available.

The Team Member schedule can be accessed through your JBF Profile

Shifts are 4 to 8 hours and enable Consignors to earn an additional 10% on all sold items and get early presale shopping tickets for you and a guest.

Shifts are generally 4 hours. And you choose what works best for you, as long as the shift is available. So, when they open, we recommend grabbing them quickly.

NEW - Sunday Item Pickup is Team Members Only.  Monday morning is for Consignors/Sellers. 

Consignor Sold Items (60%)  + Team Member (10%)  =  70% of your Sales &

includes Presale Shopping passes

Retail Sales Specialists (RSS)
Do you want to earn some extra cash—and spend time interacting with other JBF Moms, Dads, and Grandparents?

Great - we're hiring! Each event we hire temporary employees for a position called RSS — retail sales specialist. 

The primary task of a RSS is to cashier but  also help with other things during the sale. 

This job is paid minimum wage hourly and will also earn early shopping passes. 

​We will reach out to you after your inquiry - about 3-4 weeks before our event. 

Preparing your items

Watch the following videos to see how to prepare all of your items.

Tagging Supplies

Tagging Clothing

Tagging Shoes

Tagging Large Items

Tagging Books & More

Tagging Toys

Tagging Bedding

Sell the Most

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